Day 13 – Helmsdale

As I write this I am surrounded by two ladies engrossed in Mills and Boon novels! Full of supper and sinking a couple of beers it is with high spirits we approach our final day. Yes, it really is our final day tomorrow! 55 miles left, I can barely believe that by mid afternoon tomorrow we will have cycled from one end of the country to the other, I’m not sure the enormity of it has sunk in, but it is there, just around the corner, waiting for us. Continue reading Day 13 – Helmsdale

Day 11 – The Cairngorms

Leaving Perth the mood was muted, we were in a bit of a funk. We started off the day along the busy and fast A9, in pretty grey weather, which did little to improve our moods. We knew there was a cycle path at some point but weren’t sure if we would pick it up before Pitlochry, 20 miles down the road, but low and behold, 5 miles in, National Cycle Network 77 appeared, swept us off the dual carriage way and into the rural Scotland we had been looking forward to. Continue reading Day 11 – The Cairngorms